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Luis Lopez was born in the Spanish city of Valladolid the capital of the Castilla y Leon region, Spain.

He began to play drums and percussion at the age of fifteen, when he began his music studies, taking drum and sol-fa lesson, this way he was introduced to local musicians and mentors like Nacho Castro (Celtas Cortos) and Oscar Astruga (session). Soon enough he started to have collaborations and projects from many different music sources.

At first with a walkabout percussion band (Batukada) ?Samba d?aka? then as a drummer and percussionist of a traditional Castilian band called ?Almenara?, whom had released two albums well respected within the Spanish folk circuit.

Broadening his music experiences Luis was also part of many local projects from blues ?Homohabilis?, Rock ?El Clan?, Celtic Rock ?Celtas Cortos?, and Folk ?Esgueva? when he recorded in Madrid his first professional album as a session drummer.

Mainly al that time he worked with Rock and Folk bands, especially successful with Rock bands like ?El Clan? which achieved national recognition, touring Brittany (France) and while supporting twice the fantastic British band ?Dr Feelgood? during one of their frequent Spanish tours, playing also behind bands like ?La Tregua?, getting a great response nationally.

Folk music as always interested Luis, being his source of great percussion, basic musical knowledge and experiences, collaborating with experienced bands and projects like ?La Carraca? a traditional children folk band touring Switzerland on the summer of 1991, and along Castilian troubadour ?Jaime la Fuente? and nova trove Cubana band ?Homenaje?.

His Spanish collaborations included the following variety of different styles such Prog-Rock ?Enrocke?, Grunge ?Valve brain Noise? and dance ?Universal?, he also worked as a Drum tutor at the ? Musical Tamayo?.

Luis moved to England on the summer of 1994, mostly to resume and conclude his music studies, before doing that he got involved straight away with a funk project in Norwich, with the band ?Intentions? having an ex ?Ozric tentacles? member involved in the line up,

In 1995 he moved to London achieving top marks in his drum Kit/snare drum examinations at Guildhall, and achieving his BMUS degree at TVU (UWL). He is continuously improving his piano, theory, and harmony skills.

While in London collaborations are multiple and ever growing playing along bands like ?Kreeping Jesus?, ?Free vision?, ?Geek?, and several cover bands like ?The Peculiars? and the ?The backyard dogs? but his better achievement so far was to become a part time teacher for the Oxfordshire County Music services, helping him to become a private tutor again as Luiscomp but this time with the knowledge of 15 extra years of active musical experiences behind him, now lunching "Drum Key" a drumming syllabus for schools and private students under his Luiscomp/Drum Key trademark.

The final chapter so far is the fact that Luis is playing with the best band to date, the elusive ?The Eons?, the band had several obstacles during it?s 9 years of existence but "The Eons" new material is ready to hit you all again very soon.

Luis had a very serious operation last December 2009, he was becoming paralyzed from the waist down, the operation was successful but although, there is an awful load of work to do until he recovers the total control of his body he is back to practice and hopefully with the correct physiotherapy he will be on full gear very soon.

He sincerely would like to thank all people involved with all his multiples activities and to express his gratitude to all those whom have supported him during these recently scary times, without your patience, loyalty and friendship he would have struggle enormously.

Once again in the saddle Luis finished his Drumming lessons at Oxford to focus on his projects, suck Drum Key, Fab Hands Rhythms at the Pear Three Studio, and at the Tree of life, Hampton.

Also he is recording and performing with his band The Eons, new material coming soon, and also he resumed his session work, recently working for Opera at home, at the Riverside Studios, performing Maria de Buenos Aires. (see,News, gigs and projects)

He as also performed with top covers band Memento on late March 2015, more to come, while The Eons continue recording. On November 2015 While The Eons keep on recording more original material, the busy teaching and continuing improving Conga, Bongos, Darabuka, Djembe and Dhol, Luis started two more projects one a blues/funk/rock project still developing and the other a Hard Rock cover band Flightpath soon enough gigging in a venue close to you, watch this space.

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